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Gun and scope refinishing projects

by admin on September 11, 2010

Since taking over Spradlins Gun Refinishing we have been documenting our work.

Have a look at some of the recent guns and scopes that we have refinished:

Are you looking for someone to refinish your AR/automatic rifle, rifle, shotgun, pistol/hand gun or scope?  At Altitude GunWorks we provide all types of weapons refinishing, specializing in our Spradlin’s original Tef-Cote Teflon paint gun refinishing services.

We provide:

  • AR refinishing / Automatic Rifle refinishing
  • pistol refinishing / hand gun refinishing
  • shotgun refinishing
  • scope refinishing
  • rifle refinishing
  • weapons refinishing
  • military weapons refinishing
  • Teflon paint gun refinishing
  • gun bluing
  • camo gun refinishing / camo gun finishes
  • camo scope refinishing / camo scope finishes
  • custom gun refinishing services