Tef-Cote Scope and Gun Refinishing

Rifle with scope with Tef-Cote finish

Tef-Cote, the ideal finish for any firearm or scope.

Tef-Cote; The ideal finish for rifles, handguns and scopes.

Altitude GunWorks Tef-Cote Teflon gun finish is a specially formulated high performance coating developed to be the ultimate firearm protection.

Tef-Cote is a self lubricating finish that gives your firearms friction and chemical resistance to the elements.

Tef-Cote can be applied to all types of metal:  stainless steel, aluminum, brass and regular chrome-moly.

Custom coating can also be done on some synthetic stocks, grips, etc.  Check with us concerning your individual needs.

Tef-Cote is the ideal finish for any firearm.


Tef-Cote handgun refinishing.



Hand Gun Refinishing

Tef-Cote is the ideal finish for handguns, especially duty weapons.

Salt air, acidic hands and the weather will no longer be a constant concern.

Scope Refinishing

Black Tef-Cote scope refinishing

Black Tef-Coted Scope

Silver Tef-Cote scope refinishing

Silver Tef-Coted Scope

Can’t buy the scope you want, in the color you want?

Can’t afford to replace that old reliable scope even though it’s looking rough?

Let us help!

We are factory recommended by Leupold & Stevens to refinish their scopes. Our finish does not affect your Leupold scope warranty.

Tef-Cote is a quality, durable finish that can be applied to almost any quality scope.

Scope Tef-Cote Refinishing Colors

Scope Tef-Cote Refinishing; colors to choose from.


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